How to install car Garage Door Opener

Installing a suitable garage door opener in your house can make life easier. You will not have to step out of your car each time you need to open your garage door. The best part is even if you have a manual garage door you can install a garage door opener and get the deed done as easily as will an automatic garage door. It is always recommended to have a proper garage door opener mechanic to come and install the garage door opener, but you can do the needful at your home as well. Following is a list of things you will require and the steps that you need to follow to install the car garage door opener.

Things required

  • A garage door opener along with the kit
  • Some socket and a ratchet set
  • Framing timber if required
  • A power point needs to be installed right next to the place you want to install your garage door openergarage-door-installation-and-automation

Step 1 -:Take out the 4 sections of the segmented rail very carefully. Install the middle section first.

Step 2 -:Lock the sleeves of the rails in place by connecting the joints. Make sure the metal tabs are well in place and check by riding up.

Step 3 -:Using a ratchet tighten the belt along with the springs. Make sure that you do not over tighten it. Create the correct amount of tension.

Step 4 -:Turn over the track and slide the rails onto the power head. Attach it with the rail sprocket. Use a c bracket to secure the power very well.

Step 5 -:Now you need to shut the automatic garage door opener in order to find the middle of the beam. One you have located it you need to fit the rail to the header bracket by screwing them together. Fit some timber plates between the beam and the opening in order to make easy adjustments when required. The bracket should face the side of the garage.

Step 6 -:Lift the front of the nail and tighten the locking nut with the help of a ratchet.

Step 7 -:Now you need to fix the track to the ceiling. You can use the straps provided in the kit to do so. The motor bracket can be fixed at an angle, and the brackets then have to be tightened. Screw in the motor once the brackets are in place.

Step 8 -:The brackets need to hold up parallel to the garage door and cut to the required size.

Step 9 -:Bolt the straps together and tighten the bolts and nuts.

Step 10 -:Once the whole thing is up, you need to plug in the motor into a power point. You then need to follow the operator’s manual and set the travel limit. All the limits need to be set according to the manual after the power is put on.

Installing a garage door opener is not a difficult job if done with care and precision. You need to be very careful and regard the importance of safety.